Prodigal chivalrous heart

  • Tang Yi raised his voice and said, "Tangmen in Sichuan is famous for its poison. But I, the'Poison God ', never poison people unless I am defended by *. Monk, you have only yourself to blame for bullying others too much. Which one can you blame?"? However, as long as you are willing to leave immediately, Tang Mou should offer the antidote. The life and death of Master Zhike is only between your abbot's thoughts! Abbot Baizhi was so angry and anxious that he was speechless. It was reasonable to say that Tang Yi, the "Poison God", was indeed justified and speechless, but those words were no different from the alliance under the city. How could Shaolin succumb to the poison and be afraid of death. Anticlimactic, begging you for a pill? But if there is no antidote, isn't Huijue dead? Facts and dignity are fighting fiercely in the heart of Abbot Baizhi, not to mention that Yang Yichen has not yet been seen. It was here that Ji Yaoping, who was looking on coldly, felt that he had to open his mouth to relieve the embarrassment of the Shaolin monk. He immediately raised his voice and said, "Tang, as long as you invite Yang Yichen out, the abbot of Shaolin will not stay!" Tang Yi said in a cold voice, "My brother-in-law is in the hall. If you have the ability, why don't you break in and see him?" "Ha ha ha ha." Ji Yaoping suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. "I understand, I understand!" He screamed. Tang Yi was stunned. "What do you understand?" He asked. Ji Yaoping raised her throat and shouted, "I understand that your brother and sister dare not let Yang Yichen come out at all for fear that he will leave. I understand that Yang Yichen will not love your sister. Otherwise, why are you afraid to accept a test of love?" "Humph!"! Who says you dare not? There was a scream in the hall, and Tang Qiuxia came out angrily, followed by Yang Yichen. Tang Yi seems to be in order to Qi Qi Ji Yao Ping,smart interactive whiteboard, deliberately generous with Tang Qiuxia, Yang Yichen walked slowly into the field, anyway, they have taken the unique antidote, "San Gong Chasing Life Incense" will not work on the three of them. Walking into the field, Tang Yi laughed loudly and said, "My brother-in-law has come out. Ji Yaoping, if you have something to say, say it quickly and give up earlier." At this time,touch screen kiosk, Ji Yaoping, if not afraid of the kind of invisible poison in the field, "San Gong Chasing Life Incense", I am afraid it would have rushed over. In the past eighteen years, he has been looked down upon by many people and has suffered a lot of injustice. At this moment, Yang Yichen, who saw Fengshen Langyu, suddenly turned into two lines of clear springs and rolled down from his beautiful eyes. It took him a long time to spit out the same voice: "Brother Chen.." The word "Dust Brother" seemed to include countless feelings to tell, and also seemed to contain eighteen years of love and hate, countless grievances, but the following was swallowed by a convulsion, only to see her shoulders rising and falling, and could no longer speak. Yang Yichen, who was deeply stimulated in the past, became mentally disturbed and became a madman. But in his chaotic brain, the beautiful image of Ji Yaoping was still often engraved with a dream of chaos for eighteen years. When we met again at the moment, we couldn't help but feel excited. We opened our mouths and called out: "Sister Ping.." But after spitting out the word "Ping Mei, Interactive digital signage ,outdoor digital signage displays," he paused and sighed. He was not speechless, but felt that the situation had changed. Yao Ping was already married to someone else, and he himself was married to you. There were a lot of things to say, and it was not appropriate to say them. It was better not to say them. So he changed the subject and went on to say, "What are you doing here?" Ji Yaoping sobbed and cried, "Brother Chen, have you forgotten the vows of love on the top of Taiyi Peak in the past?" Memories of the past flooded into Yang Yichen's mind. With a deep sigh, he said, "It wasn't my fault in the past, Ji Yaoping. I waited for seven days and seven nights on the peak. Finally, your father slapped me and almost broke my life. Alas, I can't bear to look back on the past. Why mention it again? Besides, now that you have a husband and I have a family, what's the use of mentioning it?" Ji Yaoping burst into tears and shouted, "Brother Chen, my father is sorry for you. I'm not sorry for you. Besides, I didn't marry the Lu family." Yang Yichen's expression suddenly shook. Ji Yaoping's words were no different from unexpected news to him. Before he could change his mind, Tang Yi, the "Poison God," sneered and said, "Ji Yaoping, you don't have to make a foxy plot to cheat my brother-in-law back. Who doesn't know you want to kill him?" Yang Yichen suddenly remembered what Tang Qiuxia had told him. For eighteen years, the people of the Ji family had been actively seeking their own news. He knew it, because when he asked Tang Qiuxia about Ji Yaoping and the Shaolin monk's purpose, he had told him some speculation in his heart, and also told him the reason why Ji Yaoping wanted to kill him. Of course, Tang Qiaoxia would not understand the change of Shaolin Temple later. Will not know that Ji Yaoping is not going to kill Yang Yichen. So now Yang Yichen straightened his face and immediately said, "Ji Yaoping, I heard that you came here to avenge your father. But I can declare to you that I never went to Bai Leshan in the past year. For this matter, I will go to the white man to argue in the future. So if you really want to avenge your father, you shouldn't come to me.." Ji Yaoping was stunned, but Tang Qiuxia said with a sneer, "Now that I've figured it out, I'd like to ask you one thing. Three months ago, how could my brother Chen have been poisoned?" For the matter of poisoning, Yang Yichen was still suspicious in the bottom of his heart, just because he was recovering from madness, just like waking up from a dream, old sorrow and new hatred, which made him frustrated and too lazy to pursue. As soon as she was mentioned by Tang Qiuxia, she was stunned and said, "Sister Qiuxia, this has nothing to do with her." Tang Qiuxia snorted, "It doesn't matter. You didn't see these Shaolin monks come with her, but you were poisoned by Shaolin. Can't you guess this situation?" Abbot Baizhi shouted in a deep voice, "Almsgiver, don't add fuel to the flames with words of misunderstanding." Tang Qiuxia sneered, "Monk Abbot, you won't deny that Yang Yichen is in your Shaolin Temple, will you?" "Yes," said Abbot Baizhi in a deep voice, "Almsgiver Yang has been taken in by me for eighteen years." Yang Yichen was stunned. "Have I been in your temple for such a long time?" He asked. Thinking carefully, I feel that it is true. But Tang Qiuxia said with a sneer, "Now that I admit that my brother Chen was poisoned, what else does the great monk have to say?" Abbot Baizhi said in a deep voice,face detection android, "It wasn't me who poisoned me. If I had harmed Almsgiver Yang's heart, it wouldn't be today, eighteen years later!" 。