The willows are green and congealed

  • "Go." The collar was tightly covered, and Ruan Jie calmly dragged the suitcase with one hand and the other, without squinting. Lu Youning, on the other hand, was in a good mood with a smile on her face and did not mind Ruan Jie's deliberate coldness. He picked up the car and drove out of the neighborhood. Li Bing flashed the rear headlights and motioned to keep up. Looking at the license plate, Ruan Jie recognized the one his uncle usually drove. One after the other, about three hours. At the resort at the foot of the mountain, it was already dark. A round of moonlight is shining faintly, insects are chirping everywhere, and the warm breeze makes people feel uncomfortable. After stopping the car, Ruan Jie went to the trunk to pick up her luggage. Lu Youning was ready to go over and say hello, but he saw three people, two men and one woman, coming down from Li Bing's car. After careful discrimination, he smiled meaningfully. Miss Liu, what a coincidence! Lu Youning smiled. What a coincidence! Haven't you seen it today? "Liu Yi is also smiling, holding a gun with thorns." That's why it's a coincidence! Lu Youning was unmoved and calm. Neither of them spoke loudly, and they went back and forth in a friendly manner. Lu Youfeng immediately stood behind his sister with an air of backing. Li Bing is a face of embarrassment, these two women are not easy to provoke the stubble, he did not say hello to bring Liu Yi will certainly make Lu Youning unhappy, but it is estimated that the greeting is not much worse. I said,75 smart board, what are you doing? Waiting to feed the mosquitoes? Ruan Jie dragged the box to come over tiredly, all the way insisted on not replacing Lu Youning, these three hours down Ruan Jie is also tired. She yawned, and in a trance she seemed to see four people. It was dark and the lights were dim. Ruan Jie rubbed her eyes and looked carefully? Isn't this Liu Yi? What a coincidence. Under the silent gaze of the crowd, Ruan Jie carried her bag on her back and dragged the box around several people. "Go quickly, I'm hungry and sleepy." Grasping the hand in front of the bag belt secretly tightened, out of sight and out of mind, anyway,interactive panels for education, she was convinced that Lu Youning would not suffer losses. Wait for me! I'm hungry, too. Lu Youfeng trotted up and dropped a sentence to Li Bing, "Take the luggage." Previously told to have dinner, the villa is also used to late guests, early in the morning to prepare the ingredients, first served two cold dishes, followed by a few hot dishes quickly served. Everyone did not order wine, although it was more suitable for a relaxed atmosphere. Li Bing did not make a sound, but more perturbed than anyone else, can look at Ruan Jie a casual and comfortable appearance, but also a little peace of mind. The focus of this group is on her. If she is all right, she will be fine. The meal was not awkward at all. Apart from breakfast, Ruan Jie was hungry almost all day and began to eat. But Lu Youfeng in the heart is also has the gas to Liu Yi, also disregards in front of Li Bing's image, 86 smart board ,electronic board for classroom, throws off the cheek to help the son to eat fiercely. Dare to rob a man with me, eat you to death! "Lu Youfeng!" "Ruan Jie raised her voice and looked at the man who wanted to grab food with her." You eat, you eat. Lu Youfeng suddenly woke up with a smile and weakly retracted his chopsticks. No way, he has been used to Ruan Jie's power over the years, can not resist, and also habitually gentle glance. Ruan Jie quickly picked up the last two bamboo shoots and said rudely, "Don't look at me." Lu Youfeng blushed slightly, "I can't stop your mouth when I eat!" These two brothers and sisters are really their own magic barrier. Even if he now turned his inexplicable feelings for Ruan Jie to Li Bing again, he could be inexplicable to Ruan Jie for several years, and Lu Youfeng could not change his role for a while. Li Bing scolded with a smile. Liu Yi looked at her with a smile and kept silent, but felt that Lu Youning beside Ruan Jie hindered her appreciation. Lu Youning to do not mind Liu Yi glanced over the eyes, while wiping the corners of Ruan Jie's mouth while reading, "also do not look at what time, eat so much and then do not digest." When Ruan Jie was full, he gulped down a cup of iced coke. "It's all right. There's medicine." Shaking for a while, God, then completely do not mind the eyes of the people, to be more ambiguous, more ambiguous to meet the body into the arms of Lu Youning, lying on the shoulder wrinkled nose whispered: "finished, as if really eat too much." Lu Youning pinched Ruan Jie's small waist lightly, and even doted on the side face in front of him and kissed him openly, "then let's go up and wash." "Mmm." Ruan Jie answered in a low voice. So the two of them got up hand in hand, nodded to the remaining three, and walked away smartly. Liu Yi pulled a little at the corners of her mouth. Li Bing is a little sympathetic, this is not purely looking for abuse. And Lu Youfeng opened his mouth for a long time and did not close it-this is too red, naked! Whoo, have you ever thought about how he feels! By the way, he hasn't got a word on his side. Chapter 53 robbing my woman. The next day, adhering to the idea of climbing as early as possible, five people in three rooms climbed up and washed as soon as the alarm rang at five o'clock. There were other tourists sitting in twos and threes in the hall on the first floor of the villa, and it seemed that they were all waiting to climb the mountain. Ruan Jie found an empty table and sat down. Breakfast was steamed buns, steamed buns, eggs, rice porridge and pickles prepared by the kitchen. After eating about 80% full, we went back upstairs to digest and tidy up things by the way. Li Bing divided the mineral water, biscuits, beef jerky and other snacks bought from the supermarket yesterday. Chocolate melts badly in this weather, so he bought an energy bar instead. Ruan Jie took advantage of Lu Youning to go to the bathroom for a few minutes to make up, and quickly hid the ring bag in the interlayer of the outer lid of the suitcase, where it was generally useless. As for the two ring boxes left in the guest room, I was worried, so I rolled up my clothes and pressed them on the bottom of my backpack, which was evenly covered with snacks. Two bottles of water hang in a grid on either side of the backpack. Sneaky, unusually fast. Everything is ready. Let's go. Several people are dressed in sports and leisure. Li Bing, Lu Youfeng and Ruan Jie each carry a bag. Apart from water, the rest is not heavy,smart interactive whiteboard, and there are special supplies for tourists halfway up the mountain. Only Li Bing had more emergency supplies such as Yunnan Baiyao in his bag for a rainy day. The air was very fresh, and we walked to the foot of the mountain, talking and laughing.