The uncut jade startles China

  • But things do not seem to be so simple, just when she was worried about running at such a speed will not catch up with the front of the Yunyang princess, but suddenly heard behind Lu Wushuang unusual exaggerated screams sounded, so panic seems to be frightened by something. Looking sideways, he saw that the horse on which Lu Wushuang was riding did not know what had happened, and in an instant, as if out of control, it hit her directly. Xia Yuhua secretly cried out in her heart that it was not good, and her mind immediately came up with what Lu Wushuang had said before, even if she understood that it must have been intentional. But she never thought that Lu Wushuang would do such a lose-lose thing! Too late to think about it, she instinctively galloped her horse, trying to avoid it at full speed, so as not to let Lu Wushuang's horse hit her. But contrary to her wishes, with a dull sound of "bang", Lu Wushuang's horse soon hit her horse directly, and at the same time as the two horses came together, she seemed to see a vicious smile on Lu Wushuang's face. 069 Fright Xia Yuhua was startled and immediately felt that things were definitely more than that. Lu Wushuang hated her for no reason, but judging from the woman's selfish nature, he would never gamble with his own life to harm her. If you are not completely sure, how can you make such an easy move? But this time, she has no extra time to think about these,75 inch smart board, subconsciously desperate to control the reins to stabilize the horse under the body, only in this way can there be a chance to get away. But at the same moment of collision, she saw Lu Wushuang in such a dangerous time without panic to spare a hand to pat her side. In the heart once again startled, the subconscious reaction way perhaps this is Lu Wushuang's true original intention. Although she did not know what the woman was trying to do, she struggled sideways to avoid it. It's just that this time she seems to have something wrong. Lu Wushuang did not fall on her, but went directly towards the horse, and undoubtedly hit the seat on the side of the horse's back. Xia Yuhua came to her senses completely at this time, but it was too late. She seemed to see something in Lu's hands,smart boards for conference rooms, but the time was too short, and the situation was too sudden and messy, so she had no chance to see it clearly. There was no time to react, and her mind was blank, only to hold the reins in her hands and instinctively make the last consciousness. In an instant, the horse under his body sent out a cry like tearing his heart and lungs, and then in the shock of everyone, Xia Yuhua's horse suddenly struggled to stand up like crazy. It's over! Xia Yuhua's originally blank brain suddenly calmed down surprisingly at the moment. She knew that as long as she let go a little, she would be thrown down and fall half to death, so the instinct to survive became extremely strong in an instant. Just as the horses under him roared their legs to the highest point and the whole horse's body almost became a straight line, they were surprised to find that Xia Yuhua was not thrown down, but clasped tightly, and the expression on his face was so calm that it was terrible. Yuhua! Li Qiren subconsciously cried out, and the whole person was so frightened that his face turned white. And the others were not much better, smart board whiteboard ,classroom interactive whiteboard, completely stunned by what they saw in front of them, and for a moment no one made any other reaction. Fortunately, Xia Yuhua miraculously persevered at the most critical time, and was not thrown down by the crazy upright and roaring horse. But they had no time to breathe a sigh of relief, but saw the horse again with Xia Yuhua crazy forward, every step seems to be to throw away the people on the body, and every step every Xia Yuhua seems to be thrown from the top at any time, fell to pieces. The horse ran too fast and was unusually furious. Xia Yuhua felt that she was falling apart, but she still insisted tenaciously, trying to control the mad horse. Compared with Xia Yuhua's present dangerous situation, Lu Wushuang, who was the first to get into trouble, looked less dangerous. Perhaps because after the collision, it eased, although Lu Wushuang's horse also ran forward, but it was obviously not as crazy as Xia Yuhua's horse. Just when everyone was frightened to scream by the sudden situation in front of them, they saw a galloping horse chasing Xia Yuhua in the competition field. Fixed his eyes, but it was Li Qiren. Immediately after that, another horse came after him quickly, and the sharp-eyed man immediately recognized that it was none other than Prince Zheng Shian. Seeing this situation, many people seemed to suddenly come to their senses, and even at this time they were no longer more concerned about the safety of Xia Yuhua and Lu Wushuang, but about Li Qiren and Zheng Shian, who had already ridden a horse to save people while others had not reacted. Many people can't help but guess, who are Li Qiren and Zheng Shian going for, and which one will they save first? Just as everyone was speculating, he saw Li Qiren rush directly to Xia Yuhua, who was in imminent danger, at an almost impossible speed, without taking into account the meaning of Lu Wushuang, who was relatively close to him. And that kind of speed is obviously much faster than before when he won the final competition with Zheng Shian and others, completely showing the greatest ability. Yuhua hold tight, don't let go! I'm catching up! As Li Qiren ran after him, he shouted at the top of his voice to Xia Yuhua, who was in front of him, "This horse is crazy. There's no way to control it. Don't waste your energy. Just hold on and hold on!" Xia Yuhua at the moment there is no way to turn back, there is no way to take into account other, but still heard the voice of Li Qiren. Knowing that Li Qiren was coming to save her, his heart was even more determined, and according to his words, he desperately grabbed the reins and hugged the horse to keep himself from falling. Zheng Shian, who followed him, was stunned for a moment. Originally, he was going to chase Xia Yuhua, but when he saw Li Qiren chasing Xia Yuhua so recklessly, he felt that it seemed too superfluous for him to go again. Just at this time, Lu Wushuang,4k smart board, who was close to him in front of him, seemed to see himself chasing her when he looked back eagerly. For a moment, he was so happy that he tried to control the reins in his hands and asked him for help eagerly.