A spoof through time and space

  • "It's okay!" I said angrily. Come now! The day Lily is cold! I don't know how many times I have died if I wait for you to save me! I still have some complaints about Blackie in my heart. I can't catch up with the person who sent the hidden weapon. When I got back to the teahouse, I heard that you were taken away by others! It scares me! I'm glad you're okay! Blackie's nervous tone seemed that he really cared about me. My anger has subsided somewhat. What about the men in black? Why would they let you go? "Of course, it's because I'm as beautiful as a flower, and they can't bear to force the flowers, so they let me go!" I didn't know how to tell Blackie about the killer brother, so I had to talk nonsense. Talk nonsense again! Blackie smiled and stopped asking. All right, I'm hungry after such a long time. Will you invite me to eat and calm me down? "Eat again!" Blackie was so frightened that it seemed that he needed more pressure. Back to the teahouse, I slowly tasting tea, too many things happened these days, I really want to think about it! Especially the killer brother! It seems that he has no hostility towards me. At least he's not after my life. Is it because I am too beautiful and refined, so he fell in love with me at first sight, goodbye, and then. (Ew! Only you can think of such a reason!?) Coincidentally, he shows up whenever I'm in trouble. Looks like he's following me to protect me! Anyway, thanks to him this time,65 inch touch screen, otherwise I don't know where to sell duck eggs! Eh? So he's near me now too!? "Ah!"! How grateful I am to you! ~ Ah Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much! Ah! ~~~~~” Poof! Blackie sprayed all the tea out of his mouth. "What are you doing?"? All of a sudden this strange tone! "They are singing!"! What bad taste! I disdained to say, "Evil, spit everywhere, really not fastidious!" " Ugh! ~ Blackie is dying.. "You're back!"! Where did you go without taking others! "As soon as Xiao Bai saw us coming back, he was angry and coquettish." All right, all right. This cake is for you to eat. Don't be angry. I quickly picked out the smallest piece for him. You are too insincere! And he's not a child! …… Xiao Bai reluctantly took the cake and went on to say,interactive panel board, "Yes, cousin, Uncle Ren is here, waiting for you in the living room!" Chapter 9 "You're back, my good nephew!" Before we entered the living room, we heard a hearty voice. Uncle Ren has kept you waiting! Blackie hurried into the living room. Ah! When I saw the people in the hall, I was stunned! "And this is..?" Uncle Ren asked. It's our friend, Miss Xiao Liu. Be a guest in my house for the time being. Blackie said, "Hey, hey!" Blackie saw that I didn't respond and shook me twice, interactive digital whiteboard ,65 inch smart board, but I was so shocked! The whole person is completely in a vegetative state. I only felt that the person in front of me opened and closed his mouth as if he had said something, but my mind was completely blank and I could not hear anything. I have only one strong feeling in my heart: it's so similar! It's so similar! Besides, this one is alive! Talk, move! Oh my God! I couldn't help holding out my hand to touch it. "Hey, what are you going to do to Uncle Ren?" Blackie, knock off my claws. Sweat, I was startled and finally woke up. But the person in front of us is real and has not disappeared! "Who is this?" I asked hastily. Uncle Ren, our two families are family friends. Uncle Ren's son, Ren Tian, is a good brother who grew up with us. Unfortunately, he didn't come this time. I'll introduce him to you next time. "Oh, Miss Xiaoliu looks at me like this. Do you know me?" Uncle Ren asked with a smile. Yes, you look like my favorite person! I couldn't sleep without seeing him every day! It's a pity that I can't see him here! I miss him so much! That's why I was stunned to see you. "Is it really that similar?" Uncle Ren asked with a look of interest. Too similar, not ten points, but also eight points! I sighed and continued to drool at him. "Miss Xiao Liu is really interesting!" Uncle Ren said with a good temper, "Yes, my good nephew, I am mainly today." "Well, my good nephew, I'll take my leave. Let me know when you have more news." Uncle Ren got up to go. Ah? Leaving so soon? I haven't seen enough! Before I knew it, I found that I was already dragging his clothes. How can you be rude to your elders! Have you had enough trouble? Blackie is a little angry. I can't take care of my anger! Very not easy to see a familiar person, can let me comfort the feeling of homesickness, how can I let him go!? "Uncle Ren, why don't you stay here for a few days?" I courteously kept a guest for Xiaohei. I can't. I have something to do at home. Maybe another day. Uncle Ren said in embarrassment. So.. Then I'll be a guest at your house. Everyone is speechless. (Never seen such a shameless one!) "Oh, since you want to go so much, come to my house for a few days!" Uncle Ren first broke the awkward atmosphere and made an invitation. No way Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai said in unison. Why can't it work? I retorted, "I have the freedom to make friends, and I will go to whoever I want!" "Don't embarrass Uncle Ren. Stop it!" Xiao Hei's face was livid. Too much, you must have heard that Rentian looks good, so you want to go! How can he be as beautiful as me? Xiao Bai also opposed it. Oh, I'm just going to play for two days, and I'll be back soon! I don't listen at all. If you go, don't come back! Better not let me know what you're up to! The little black face is more smelly. Don't listen to him! All right, let you go to see it for two days, and then you will know that we are the best! Go early and come back early! Xiao Bai exhorted. Now,digital interactive whiteboard, I can't listen to what they say in my mind, and I'm completely occupied by the excitement of close contact with idols! By the way, I heard that he has a son. Would it be more like that? I'm looking forward to.. hsdsmartboard.com