A thousand pieces of gold to buy bones by Miss Xi

  • Wind suddenly, roll up the dust on the ground, dust into the eyes, blurred Tang Xiao's eyes, sour surge up, slightly moist eyes. "Your Highness.." Mu Linglong exhaled in a low voice, "you.." Are you crying? Tang Xiao's Adam's apple rolled in a daze, unable to say a word, he struggled to grasp the corner of Mu Linglong's clothes, issued a low voice that only he could hear, "Don't leave me.." When the wind passed, Mu Linglong seemed to hear something, but she didn't seem to hear anything. The innocent girl stood on tiptoe, picked up her satin sleeves and wiped them to the corners of Tang Xiao's eyes. Her red lips were shy and open, and her voice was like a cicada flapping its wings. "Linglong will accompany your Highness." Tang Xiao holds Mu Linglong's wrist, this movement has not thought through the brain, suddenly even he has not reacted to come over. As soon as Mu Linglong's body moved, she looked up at Tang Xiao's handsome and sharp face, her cheeks flushed. Tang Xiao aware of his gaffe, blankly loosened the palm of his hand, self-deprecating hanging down his proud head, "Yue suddenly died …" I I'm sorry, princess. Mu Linglong gasped for breath, stepped back and lowered his head. "It's Linglong who is clumsy. Your Highness,touch screen interactive whiteboard, don't blame me.". If my father knows otherwise, he will not forgive me. -Father.. Tang Xiao suddenly came to his senses, straightened his skirt and dared not look directly into Mu Linglong's eyes, "Xian Wang Ye.." I'm going back to Beijing soon. Mu Linglong nodded, "about tomorrow, the road is not easy to walk, that is the day after tomorrow at the latest.". It's better for my father to go back to the mansion earlier. Usually I always feel that my father has to take care of me in everything. It's really annoying. But he's not here for a few days, and the mansion is stuffy. Even if he was taught a few words by his father, it would be a relief. "There are so many followers in Xianwangfu,touch screen board classroom, and many of them have unique skills. Will the princess still feel bored?" Tang Xiao kept silent and tried. Mu Linglong shook his sleeve angrily and said angrily, "Those followers only listen to my father and only work for him.". Father is not here, they each nest, the door does not live, boring, really boring. "They don't listen to Princess Mu?" Tang Xiao rubbed the pendant on his waist. Mu Linglong shook his head mercilessly. "Where can I command them? Those stuffy gourds only listen to my father's orders." "If the virtuous king is not in Yueyang and does not return for a long time.." When you want to use a door guest, how can you give orders? Tang Xiaorao said with interest. Mu Linglong blinked her big eyes, pouted her mouth and thought for a while. "Linglong really doesn't know," she said. "Father, you never let me ask about these things …" Your Highness, don't blame me for being stupid. In this world, everyone will lie, everyone will hide, simple as Mo Ya, will also hide the secret to give birth to alert. Only Mu Linglong, she is the cleanest one in the earthly world, she will not deceive people, smart board interactive whiteboard ,digital touch screen board, no guard, open to the world, everything can blossom like a flower smile. Mu Linglong said that if he did not know, he must not know. Tang Xiao did not have the slightest doubt. Tang Xiao hated Murray, but only to thank him for one thing, that is, he took good care of Mu Linglong, not his own, but as his own. "I just asked casually." Tang Xiaocheng said, "the princess doesn't have to take it to heart." Mu Linglong looked up at the sky and bowed to Tang Xiao. "It's not early," she said. "Seeing that your Highness is all right, I also.. It's time to go back. A person's life is so long and so short, so long that it can't come to an end, and so short that happiness will pass away in a flash. "Princess." Tang Xiao shouted to Mu Linglong who turned around. Mu Linglong Yingying looked back, Tang Xiao held the palm of his hand, "Tomorrow, I will go to Kasyapa Temple to burn incense for Yue, tomorrow …" If the princess enters the palace, she won't see me. Mu Linglong slightly stupefied, then squeezed up the round nose, "Linglong will not often enter the palace …" Um. Thank you for reminding me. Her back is farther and farther, far to Tang Xiao can not see clearly, only reluctantly withdraw the hot eyes, back against the pavilion, issued a low sigh of unwillingness. -If … If one day you know that I killed your father, even if he is only your adoptive father.. You're gonna hate my guts, aren't you.. Since we can't be together, what can we cherish? The back of Tang Xiao's veined hand rubbed against the wall, and the red blood oozed out without feeling any pain. Tang Xiao once believed that his nirvana had already become indestructible and nothing could defeat him, but somewhere in his body, there was a terrible weakness that would make him die if he touched it lightly. No one answered Tang Xiao, and the rustling wind seemed to be mocking, sighing, and playing the music that was about to end. The palace, outside the palace gate Mu Linglong walked through the long palace road, the past can not see the end of the bluestone road, today how did not take some time to the rosefinch gate? Are you walking too fast, or … Mu Linglong turned his head and looked at the other end of the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Although he could not see anything, he felt warm in his heart for no reason. Like, with tough armor, you will never be alone again. Mu Linglong walked out of the palace gate and suddenly found something. He rubbed his eyes and couldn't believe it. "Cheng Kui, Cheng Gua Shi?" Under the eaves, there was a glittering ice awl. Cheng Kui was wrapped in a cloak, and his lips were white with cold. "Princess." "Are you waiting for me?" Mu Linglong tilted her head to Cheng Kui. "How did you know I was in the palace?"? This princess knows, you ah, must be divined out, right? Mu Linglong's tone is tender, and she doesn't know the pain. The wind and scudding clouds are surging outside again, but she is only carefree and brilliant. The luster in her eyes is like the sunset glow on the horizon at the moment, which makes people feel unreachable envy. Cheng Kui shook his head. "There is nothing to open the altar. There must be something to open the altar.". I have been to Xianwangfu, the servant said that the princess ran out, I thought a little, something happened in Gyeongbokgung Palace, you befriended the prince,smart board for conference room, you must have come to visit him.. Also want to wait for a while, really I guess right, let me meet the princess. 。 hsdsmartboard.com