A man's wife from the Republic of China--The Five Elements and

  • "Why are there so many people all of a sudden?" And these people are actually wearing Tang suits, feeling as if they have gone back through time. The Lord and the Lady are coming to stay tonight, and these days, there will be some people coming to visit. So there will be more people in the yard these two days. Housekeeper Su explained with a smile. He Lianjin usually does not like too many people around, all this quadrangle, in addition to bodyguards, only he and occasionally from the ancestral home side to the door of the chef, and every week to help clean the servants. But now, the current member of the Helian family is mainly coming, and if there is no one in the yard, I'm afraid it will be too busy. Your lordship, madam? He Lianjin's parents? Wang Ze realized something and said awkwardly, "Well, will it be inconvenient for me to live here?" "Master Wang is a member of this family. How can it be inconvenient?" Su butler naturally knew what Wang Ze was thinking, but if before this morning, he might have doubted his young master's intentions,touch screen whiteboard, but now. By the way, Master Wang, this morning the young master ordered that the backyard would be your private territory in the future. I have ordered people to buy the most complete books on Chinese and Western medicine in China, which will come tomorrow. What color do you like for the bookshelf? There are medicine cabinets and so on. What do you care about? In addition, which house do you want to put the books in and how to decorate the main room in the backyard? Wang Ze was stupefied and did not understand what Helian Jin meant. In my mind, I automatically came up with the specious words that the other party said in the car that night. …… Then after Tomb Sweeping Festival,smartboards in classrooms, I will find an auspicious day to marry my wife. “…… Tut! The first proposal was a failure. Is the man really going to let him live here for the rest of his life? Housekeeper Su, with two maids, brought the breakfast prepared for Wang Ze to the table one by one. Seeing that Wang Ze was in a daze, he said with a smile, "Master Wang, if you have nothing to do in the morning, you can think about how to decorate the backyard. If it doesn't work, we'll do it first. If I think of it later, I'll ask the workers to revise it." Wang Ze glanced at the breakfast on the table and said, "Su Bo, don't bother.". You just refer to it and tell someone to do it. I don't have an opinion. Then he picked up the milk and drank it. Su butler looked at his expression and guessed that the new wife had some scruples in her heart. After all, smartboard for business ,smart board touch screen, his young master's temperament was really elusive. Sue, butler. A maid in her twenties came walking quickly outside the door. "A gentleman who called himself Ao Hai came outside the door and said he wanted to see Master Wang." Housekeeper Su frowned and said to himself, "This boy is haunted.". But looking at Wang Ze, he finally said, "This little fox.". Let him wait in the front hall and say that Master Wang is having breakfast. "Yes." The maid answered politely and left quickly. The breakfast prepared by the housekeeper Su is very rich, and Wang Ze's appetite is also very good. If it were not for someone's self-control, he would be able to finish a table of breakfast. What does Master Wang want for lunch? Su housekeeper asked with a smile, the other side's appetite is obviously much larger than before, which shows that the baby in the belly is growing ah. So, even if the suspicion that Su butler still existed before, it is gone now. Wang Ze was not satisfied, but just after breakfast, he asked about Chinese food, and he really had no idea. Su Bo, you can do it. I ate so much in the morning that I didn't know if I would be hungry at noon. 'All Right. Master Wang, you go to work. Wang Ze nodded and got up to go to the front hall. Thinking that his broker was the master who did not go to the Three Treasures Palace for nothing, he came to the door now? Is there another job? Chapter 69 the new play. "Master Wang." "Master Wang is good." "Good morning, Master Wang." …… "Mmm." Wang Ze walked all the way along the veranda to the front hall and was greeted by the servants who were cleaning all the way. Although some of them have unbridled and malicious eyes, more of them are full of respect and ingratiation. For a moment, he felt as if he had returned to the heyday of the Wang family. Hey! Wang Ze, you're here. Ao Hai heard the sound, secretly glanced out, saw only Wang Ze a person, immediately relieved. Wang Ze Zhan Yan smiled. His agent seemed to be at odds with Su's housekeeper. Every time he met, he looked like a mouse seeing a cat. Even sometimes, Su's housekeeper didn't care about him at all. Ao Hai also shrank his neck and shoulders carefully. Hiss! Ao Hai took a deep breath and was in a trance for a moment. Uh? Wang Ze looked puzzled. Ao Hai: Oh, don't laugh at people all the time. My ancestors will kill you! When you smile, the bright sunshine on your face loses its color, do you know? The most important thing is that it attracts people to commit crimes! Wang Ze probably understood the situation of Ao Hai and immediately restrained his smile. What's the matter? Please come to the door in person. Wang Ze walked into the house as he spoke. Nature is a good thing. Ao Hai took a veiled look at Wang Ze's stomach and said, "did the housekeeper Su tell you?"? About the misty crew? "What happened to the misty crew?"? I just got up. Wang Ze sat down on a single sofa. I knew it. Ao Hai muttered. Then he sat down on another single sofa. "Tomb Sweeping Festival ago, the crew did not know what was going on.". Listen to their own guess that they hit something. There were two consecutive incidents of Weiya falling, one with hemiplegia and the other with severe fractures of both legs. Everyone thought it was over. The day before the results Tomb Sweeping Festival. The holiday is coming, and the third one happened. This time the other side's luck was good, it was when Weiya was just hanging up. But unfortunately, the person who fell was the heroine. Even if she knew a little about kungfu, she eventually broke two arms and a rib. "The heroine?"? Cheng Silei? "Yes." Speaking of this,interactive flat panel display, Ao Hai paused, "Do you have a micro-blog?"? Send her a blessing on Weibo later and wish her a speedy recovery. Wang Ze looked at the past silently: "I understand what you mean, but is the blessing of Weibo too deliberate and insincere?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com