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  • Han Feng also laughed. He knows that 47 is gambling, if he does not agree, he must have follow-up measures, with his ability, it must be easy to assassinate himself. But is this really the case? The two men stared at each other for a while, and Han Feng finally laughed and said, "You won." With these words, he held out his right hand. Two powerful palms clasped tightly together. There was a smile on No.47's face, which had always been like an iron plate. He believed that his straight wind was not perfunctory to him. He was gratified to find a partner with enough weight. Han Feng smiled and found a partner with enough weight for himself, and this time No.47 brought him a lot of useful information, which solved his long-standing |: confusion. As for whether he is the product of the plan to pull the tears of God, Han Feng does not care. Anyway, he is still a reborn person. This is exaggerated enough. It is also acceptable to add something else. Although Han Feng still has a lot of doubts on this point, he first agreed to hold No.47. Anyway, he has to deal with Haijiao. At the end, Han Feng touched his chin and asked, "I wonder if you have any way to get the experimental data of brain control in the laboratory?" Han Feng pointed to his head, after all, the organization is already using chips to control the human brain,interactive touch screens education, its technology beyond the times is simply not a point or two, if not because of inconvenience, Han Feng really want to personally look at the chip inside a 47 brain. Chapter 224-Control Theory Pirate, have you really decided? At home, Han Feng looked at the sea in surprise. It was a possibility that only existed in theory, and there was no example to draw lessons from. The pirate nodded firmly, then looked at Han Feng with big black agate eyes. Han Feng couldn't stand his eyes. He looked away but saw the two atrophied front legs in front of him. He sighed and said, "I understand your mood now,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, but you can't pin your hopes on this kind of thing that doesn't even prove the possibility. If something goes wrong, I can't guarantee that your consciousness will continue to exist." The pirate still looked at Han Feng like that. Tears seemed to appear in his big eyes. It was watery and pitiful. All right, all right, come on, I'll try first, okay? If it really works.. Then take a risk! Han Feng finally relented and agreed to the pirate's request. As soon as the pirate heard this, his eyes immediately emitted a hot light, and he stood up excitedly on his hind legs and called out twice. See it like this, Han Feng is also quite distressed. Because of the last injury, the little guy had a comminuted fracture of the front leg bone, which could not support his body at all. That is to say, he was completely useless. Now he wants to walk, he has to walk on the back two legs. Although it can stand and walk, interactive boards for classrooms ,smartboards for business, but because of the limitations of the hind leg structure, it can not support the body for a long time. Over time, it will cause great damage to the backward bones and muscles. In addition, walking like this is very slow, which is no different from disability. So, the pirates had a very painful and uncomfortable time. Han Feng can understand the pirate's psychology very much, after all, he used to come over like this, but before he had a miss, knowing that one day he would be able to resume action, but now the pirate does not even have a miss. Looking at it day by day, the spirit of depression, began to be not interested in anything, Han Feng told it about an idea that sounded a bit fantastic. According to the method he envisaged, pirates are likely to be able to regain their freedom in the future. The main purpose of what he said was, of course, to cheer up the pirates and take the initiative to learn new things and improve their intelligence. But unexpectedly, when the pirates heard the idea. Began to become very excited, it fully believed in the operability of the idea, and strongly urged Han Feng to immediately start to help it realize the idea. Han Feng only had such an idea before, and did not think deeply at all. Later, he could not resist the torture of pirates. He specially studied the possibility of this idea and came to the conclusion that the probability of this idea could be realized. About forty percent, that is to say, if we carry out this plan. Pirates have a 50/50 chance of dying. Han Feng told the pirates about the data and let them make up their own minds. This time, he was not joking. He was completely serious, because he knew that if the plan could succeed, its significance would be incalculable. It was no exaggeration to say that it could affect the development of the whole social civilization. Speaking of the origin of this idea. We have to start with the meeting of Han Feng on the 47th a few days ago. In the final stage of their conversation, Han Feng casually mentioned No.47 and asked him about the confidential information of the sect laboratory, especially about brain control. Number 47 said at the time that it was unlikely, but he said he would try his best to help. Han Feng also just casually mentioned, and did not expect him to really be able to get these secrets, after all, these research materials, must be very strictly confidential. If you could get it easily, wouldn't this technology have been known and applied by governments around the world long ago? However, to Han Feng's surprise, two days later, the 47th sent him information. A total of 18 pictures were packed and sent in the form of attachments. The letter said: "These may be the things you wanted last time." I used a free email address, which was obviously a random registration. Han Feng was a little puzzled at that time. He didn't write the letter No.47 at all. What you asked for last time? What do I want? Who sent this? Han Feng casually put it in the spam inbox as spam. He thought it was a junk mail. However, after a while, he opened the letter again, because the email had a rather large attachment, and it seemed that no spam would send such a mass attachment. So Han Feng downloaded the attachment, and after decompressing it,interactive whiteboard for schools, he saw eighteen pictures. The graphics of these eighteen pictures are very strange, which are full of all kinds of strange symbols, including some English letters. Formula.