Complete Biography of Cixi

  • Zhang Wenliang is familiar with the elder brother's temperament, if he says "not afraid", he may instruct him to deal with the master. The study was no better than the palace, and the eunuchs were not allowed to make friends with the courtiers, nor were they allowed to interfere in any affairs, except to pass on the decree. Moreover, Master Li was upright and dignified, and as soon as he came up, he made rules for the elder brother. We could see that he was a man who was difficult to speak. So as soon as he heard the elder brother's words, he immediately shook his head like a rattle. Are you afraid of the master? "Is the elder brother afraid?" "Afraid!" "The elder brother is afraid, and Zhang Wenliang is naturally afraid." Big elder brother is silent, natural, the meaning of glum is completely put on the face. From this expression, Zhang Wenliang knew that he had guessed right, but when he saw that the elder brother was unhappy, he was a little worried, so he had to come up with some words to coax him, coax him to be happy, and then carry him to the east. The rest of the homework is to recognize the "name", just like the meaning of writing "the world is peaceful", and recognize four words: "fair and aboveboard". This is the first day of school, embellishing the story, so that the elder brother is familiar with it, and then recite the four sentences of "Great Learning", word for word, Li Hongzao gladly closed the book after school. So he was still led by Jing Shou and sent back. As soon as he entered the Forbidden Palace, Zhang Wenliang picked up the elder brother, surrounded by the little eunuchs, and sent him to the queen like a treasure. This is the most proud day since the birth of the elder brother! Along the way, I only heard the eunuchs and palace maids calling, "The elder brother has left school!" "Big Brother is out of school!" Into the palace, but see the porch surrounded by green beads, the queen and the palace concubines, is waiting with a smile, but only do not see the elder brother's birth mother Yi imperial concubine. As soon as Zhang Wenliang saw the scene, he quickly put the elder brother down. The queen asked in the first sentence, "Did you cry in the study?" Zhang Wenliang, kneeling on the ground, answered in a loud voice,faux ficus tree, "I didn't cry. The elder brother was very good in the study. The master praised him." The queen's smile became stronger and stronger. "What did Shifu say?" "The master praised the elder brother for knowing the rules and being clever." "But have you eaten anything?" "I drank a cup of rose dew and ate four or five snacks." "Oh!" The queen took the elder brother's hand and said, "Come on!"! Tell me, what did Shifu teach you today? As he spoke, he led the elder brother in. The queen sat on the Kang and personally took off her hat for the elder brother. She let him lean against her and asked him about his study lessons. There were so many things that the elder brother couldn't say anything, and the concubines asked each other one by one, which made him more and more confused. The queen passed Zhang Wenliang in, asked carefully, and then listened to the elder brother reciting the four sentences of "University", knowing that everything was going well, she was relieved. It's so hard for you! Smiling, the empress touched his head, then turned to Zhang Wenliang and said, "Send the elder brother to see the emperor first, and then send him to the imperial concubine Yi." The emperor is still in the imperial study to summon the minister of military aircraft, at this time no one is allowed to enter, Zhang Wenliang dare not disobey the queen's words, had to take the elder brother to wait there. On this day, it took a long time to summon military aircraft, not only because there were many important matters for the emperor to adjudicate, but also for the sake of a fold of the Ministry of the Interior, decorative palm trees ,faux grass wall, there were quite different opinions between the monarch and his subjects. The two ministers of the Ministry of the Interior, Manchu and Han, had real power in the hands of Manchu Minister Sushun. Sushun to be able to clear up the accumulated abuses, that since Hong Xiuquan Jintian village uprising, sent officers and troops to suppress since, after more than ten years, and all over the military reimbursement, still more not done, therefore, from the beginning of the rise of the army in Guangxi, found out since the Daoguang 30 years, special life Lin Zexu as an imperial envoy, and sent Guyuan prefect to glory, the former Yunnan prefect Zhang Bilu, led the troops to Guangxi will suppress the beginning, By the second year of the reign of Emperor Xianfeng, Hong Yang had sent troops to the two lakes, and the military affairs in Guangxi had come to an end. In three years, more than 11 million taels of military pay had been allocated, but no reimbursement had been made. The Ministry of the Interior has repeatedly written to Guangxi to urge it to be done, and has been ordered to complete it at the end of last year. Up to now, the deadline has passed for three months, and it is still there. Therefore, Sushun made a report, asking Liu Changyou, the governor of Guangxi, and Zhang Kaisong, the governor, to discuss the matter first. The emperor praised Sushun for cleaning up the accumulated abuses, but from the case of the imperial examination in the eighth year of Xianfeng, because of Sushun's insistence, after killing the examiner, the emperor always felt that the means he advocated were too excessive. For example, in the reimbursement of military expenses in Kwangsi, the current governors and the vassals did not comply with the regulations. Of course, they had their own difficulties. It would be unreasonable for officials who knew nothing about a bad debt ten years ago to be responsible for it after several terms. There is always a beginning. Sushun protested, "If the emperor were so lenient, there would be no way to clean up the accumulated abuses." "Things have their root and branch, and things have their beginning and end. If we want to talk about the beginning, we must first investigate from the governor of Guangxi in the 30th year of Daoguang." "In the thirtieth year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang, the governor of Guangxi was Zheng Zuchen. He was dismissed from his post, but now I don't know where he is.". Later, Lin Zexu served concurrently as an imperial envoy and minister, but died in Chaozhou before he took office. Then came Zhou Tianjue, who was killed in the battle of Luzhou, and then Zou Heming, who had already died in Jiangning. What about Lao Chongguang? He has been in Guangxi for many years. Shouldn't he be more responsible than Liu Changyou? "Lao Chongguang, the current governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, naturally can not get rid of the relationship!" As a result of repeated disputes, the emperor suspected that Sushun intended to embarrass Liu Changyou, but the military officials all echoed Sushun's words, and he was quite tired and too lazy to say more. Finally, he approved the request of the Ministry of the Interior and handed Liu Changyou and Zhang Kaisong to the Ministry of the Interior for discussion. After the minister of military aircraft quit, the emperor knew that the elder brother had been waiting for a long time. He himself received great benefits from his master's assistance, so he regarded the matter of Prince Dianxue as more important than anything else. Although he was too tired to speak, he still passed Zhang Wenliang in and asked everything in detail. He was also afraid that the eunuchs would try to please him, so he picked out all the good ones and asked Jing Shou specially. The situation in the study they said was roughly the same, and the emperor was deeply gratified. As a result, the emperor doted on the elder brother that day and took him to the East Warm Pavilion for dinner. It was also said that Concubine Li had brought the eldest princess to serve him. In the hall, Concubine Li, Jia'er and Jiao'er laughed and laughed constantly. The emperor looked around and felt very comfortable, so he had a big appetite. The meal was very comfortable. I was thinking that it was better to be in Rehe,outdoor palm trees, but once I returned to the capital palace, the system could not be so casual, so I could no longer enjoy the fun!.