Clouds but no rain (Liu BG)

  • There was always a constant smile on his face, eerily deep, and he could not see what he was thinking. Behavior is age-defying and unfathomable. The mind is meticulous and unpredictable, seemingly indifferent, unrestrained, but in fact it is a literary ruffian with a romantic plot. The genius of their ice emperor is the most romantic and elegant. My favorite thing is to watch romantic movies and novels. It's always between girls. 63. Masquerade and True You, Dazzling (Part 2).. , but not qualitative. Atobe Keigo has always believed that Oshitari is a perfectionist, and his unruly is just looking for the goddess in his mind. I couldn't think more clearly. Oshitari breathed a sigh of relief at the tone of his voice. Atobe is a very transparent person, so he believes that Atobe can understand his mind. This is a troublesome woman and a troublesome love, so you want it too? Continue to ask, Atobe Keigo thought in his heart. I want. I'll clean up the trouble. "Well, that sounds nice.". Isn't the patriarch of your family angry? Can you handle it? In the face of the first time Ninjutsu Youshi completely grasp the initiative, Atobe Keigo naturally want to seize the opportunity to suppress. You don't have to worry about that. I have my own way. As he spoke, a strange light flashed in Ninjitsu's eyes. He knew that Atobe had already calculated and waited for him to take the bait, but it was also for the sake of the sound. So they just count their own. Atobe Keigo laughed when he saw it. It was really funny. As expected. He planted the seeds of curiosity for Youshi early in the morning,artificial grass panels, but he didn't know if there would be a harvest. The fact that Ninjitsu likes people who are elegant, calm and calm has long been clear to him. Ming Yin is really such a person. It's strange that he doesn't fall in love with him. Atobe is relieved now. No one can stop Oshitari from doing what he wants to do. Plus his fierce mother. Now Ming Yin has a strong backing. In fact, except for the unpredictable nature of Oshitari, he is a good object. Don't see that he is also your son, in fact, he lives more comfortably than the eldest young master of the Atobe family. Ninjutsu Yingshi has always been laissez-faire about her children's love life because of her early love trauma. It is said that the minimum requirement is that she is innocent and her nature is not bad. This requirement is so low that he wants to complain,silk ficus tree, "This is obviously against the values of the upper class." So, Youshi had a good time, and he could play as much as he wanted. Pick as you like. Keigo Atobe, who had always been arrogant, was so envious that he wanted to vomit blood. In that case, Uncle Ben will look at it and say it again. Then the dilemma is in line with the plot, although Youshi should have guessed it. "Speechless, Ninjutsu Yuji knows that Atobe's abacus is very good." It doesn't matter if you don't agree. Anyway, Yin Yin and I cooked the rice. Atobe Keigo waited for Ninjutsu Youshi to finish, then punched him hard and hit him on the right side of his face. This bastard still wants to fish in troubled waters. Think of him as an idiot. With a creak, the door was pushed open at the moment. Ming Yin Ito runs in and sees Yuji Oshitari being taught a lesson by his brother. Hurrying over to protect him, he ran to the front of Ninjutsu and knelt down and spread his arms to stop him. Oh, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,large ficus tree, Johnny sauce. All the mistakes are my fault. It was I who seduced Youshi. You can teach me a lesson if you want. With his eyes wide open, Ito Akiyin looked at Atobe Keigo, who still wanted to continue teaching people. Yin Yin, you. Being protected behind the petite body, Ninjutsu Yuji was moved to hug Ito Mingyin tightly. But for the moment, mainly 63. Masquerade and True You, Dazzling (Part 2).. Is to solve the sister control of Atobe, "Jingwu, not related to the sound of things, I seduce her.". I'm obsessed. "Don't make a mess!"! If you say it's me, it's me. If I didn't lose my head, would you succeed? Twisting his face, Ito Mingyin taught him in a low voice. What a poor little wolf! The corners of his mouth were broken and his glasses flew away. I thought we agreed not to use force. "Each of you has an opinion. Who do you believe?" Here comes Ming Yin. The show begins. This is a master who doesn't play by the rules. Atobe Keigo waits for Oshitari to be petrified. So he asked inductively. I seduced him. Last night, I drank wine and was depressed. Under the influence of alcohol, I thought of giving up on myself and acting according to the third-rate script. I was so angry that I could not bear to be my father. After talking about last night's embarrassment in one breath, Ito Akihito felt that the person behind him sighed. But she does things by herself, and she can't involve the wolf. Ninjutsu Youshi sighed and complained in his heart, "Mingyin, it's really not romantic!"! And then depressed. Oh? Is Youshi like this? Hum, look. He said, "Don't provoke Mingyin and wait to suffer." No, I think Yin Yin is so cute. The person I like is in front of me, and I can't hold it for a while. I vomit blood in my heart. Ninjutsu Yushi thought, Yin Yin, you don't have to analyze it so calmly. So it's mutual affection, huh? Continue to watch the play and wait for Oshitari to vomit blood. That's not true. In fact, I teased Youshi first. I said that his poor skills hit his young heart and caused him a psychological shadow, which made him competitive. We are fighting with each other. No JQ. Ito Ming Yin thought and knew why the wolf classmate was so impatient, not because of the last thing. It's normal for a teenager to be competitive. This said that Ninjutsu Yuji really vomited blood and covered his face directly. Why does his voice have such a brain circuit. Why is it that the analysis of things is always so objective, but it always makes mistakes in the key places? Uncle Ben knows. I believe you, Ming Yin. A young mind? I can't. He's going to burst out laughing. Mingyin, you didn't see the expression of death on the face of Oshitari behind you. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Continue to ask, "You don't have that, do you?" Absolutely not, I promise. Youshi is a good boy. I will never do anything to take advantage of others. Righteous words, Ito Akiyoshi extremely affirmed the good quality of Ninjutsu Yuji. Last night she was emotionally unstable, under such circumstances,artificial coconut palm trees, her body must be out of order, but today her body is not a big problem, want to know is Ninjitsu Youshi to take care of her.