The Eight Dharmas of the Tathagata in the Willow Setting Sun (S

  • After entering the door, Chang Li stretched gently and said with a smile, "Oh, it's so warm, little brother. If you really have this room, Asgard won't change!" Jiang Qing exclaimed, "The Burrow is small and narrow. I'm afraid the older generation will be wronged." He said that everyone had come to the room where the charcoal fire was burning. He looked around and said, "The decoration is elegant and free from vulgarity, without the smell of fireworks. Well, if there is a faint fragrance, little brother, you really know the way of life." Hearing this, Jiang Qing smiled and complained. She carried Quan Lingling into the inner room, took out her specially prepared Jinchuang medicine, carefully poured water for her sweetheart to wash the incision under her arm, and carefully applied the medicine and bandaged it properly. Then, she gently placed Quan Lingling on the bed and covered her with a brocade quilt. She stayed silently for a moment, waiting to turn around and walk out, "Jiang.." A curly and low call came from behind leisurely. Jiang Qing stopped and turned around to find that Quan Lingling's beautiful big eyes had opened and were staring at herself feebly. He quietly fell in front of Quan Lingling and said lovingly, "Lingling, are you awake?"? Does the wound hurt? "Jiang, do you hate me?" Jiang Qing knew what Quan Lingling was referring to. He said with a wry smile, "No, it's right for you to be so filial to your father. But you can tell me first that I should try to stop the battle between your father and Senior Wei. You shouldn't stop the battle with your withered body,silk olive tree, because it has no effect at all. Under the struggle between Senior Wei and your father, with what you have learned, What can be done? In addition to self-injury, Lingling, if anything happens to you. Lingling, will you think about me? 。 Quan Lingling began to sob, and there was a sickly blush on her pale and cold cheeks. Jiang Qing reached out her hand and gently stroked her beautiful hair like satin. "Don't cry, Lingling," she said in a low voice. "I may be too harsh in my words,fake blossom tree, but I'm for your own good. You should cherish yourself. Don't forget, I.." Love you Quan Lingling trembled all over and sobbed, "Jiang.." You are so kind.. Jiang. Forgive me.. I almost.. I can't see you forever. Jiang Qing bent down and gently kissed Quan Lingling's cold and greasy cheek. She whispered, "Lingling, as long as you know how I treat you, it's enough. Don't do such a silly thing again.." Quan Lingling raised her face and let Jiang Qing kiss her. After a while, she whispered, "Jiang, my father?" Jiang Qing said leisurely, "Your father is badly injured, but his life is not in danger. He can recover after a period of breathing. Lingling, your father almost killed you." With a gloomy look on her face, Quan Lingling said desolately, "Jiang, my father will probably never recognize me as his daughter, and the prestige of Yanxia Villa has been destroyed. The scene of the past will be just a dream without a trace in the future." Jiang Qing held Quan Lingling's chin and said firmly, "Lingling, fake ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, don't think so much. Hatred is as unforgettable as a brand, but as long as you have sincerity, you can always erase it. You also know that there is a fundamental reason for the decline of Yanxia Villa. Things in the world are often difficult to be perfect, and how many of them can keep the status quo forever? After a moment's silence, Quan Lingling said faintly, "Now I'm alone.." Jiang Qing quickly grabbed Quan Lingling's hands and said firmly, "No, there's still me!" "Yes," said Quan Lingling sadly, "but I'm afraid.." Jiang Qing said sincerely, "Lingling, don't doubt our feelings. We won't change each other. If you have ever noticed, do you still remember what I said in front of them?" Quan Lingling's whole body shook and she said excitedly, "Jiang, you mean, you.." Marry me? Jiang Qing nodded affirmatively and nodded again. Quan Lingling burst into tears and buried her head deeply in Jiang Qing's bosom. What in the world is sweeter than the love between men and women? What is more delicious than the fruit of love? After a while, Quan Lingling suddenly raised her head, glanced at her and said in fear, "Brother Qing, you.." Are you hurt? Jiang Qing smiled indifferently and said, "It's not heavy. Under the shoulder and rib, it's the masterpiece of your mistress's flying ring. This one on your left arm is a gift from your father. The little girl is also a gift from you." "Forgive me, Qingqing, forgive me.." said Quan Lingling in fear. Jiang Qing patted her sweetheart on the shoulder and said with a smile:. What a silly girl, how can I blame you? In fact, for the death of the flying ring, I feel deeply sorry for you. Quan Lingling closed her eyes slightly and said in a low voice, "Qing, I can't blame you for that, masseuse.." The masseuse is too pressing. Jiang Qing kissed Quan Lingling again. Just as she was about to speak, a clear and elegant voice came from outside: "I said, little brother, when the guests come, you hide in the room with your sweetheart and *** to each other. You don't even serve a cup of tea. It's really a neglect. You should be beaten, you should be beaten." Jiang Qing couldn't help laughing. She got up hurriedly and whispered, "Lingling, you lie down and have a rest first. I'll go out to accompany Elder Wei. It's really difficult for this overlord of Wulin to wait on him." Quan Lingling blinked her eyes and whispered, "Lord Weidao is usually cold-faced and unsmiling. How can he be so easy-going to you?" "Fate," said Jiang Qing with a smile. Said, kissed Quan Lingling's forehead again, and quickly swept out of the room. In the room where the charcoal fire was rising, an owl was sitting with a golden knife, and Ji Lei, the star of the sea and the sky, stood by him with solemn hands. As soon as Chang Li saw Jiang Qing, he bared his teeth and said with a smile, "Little brother, if I don't enlighten you, I don't know how long I'll be sitting on the bench. Ha ha, a young man is a young man after all.." Jiang Qing smiled awkwardly. Chang Li Yi Xiao had already got up and came over in person. He took Jin Chuang's medicine and a roll of lining cloth from Hai Tianxing Qi Lei's hand. He carefully treated Jiang Qing's wound with the medicine. He said kindly, "Little brother, although this wound has not hurt the bone, it is extremely heartless. The gold wound specially made on this island can be closed within seven days, and it will heal as before in about half a month. Alas!"! For the sake of the word of love between men and women,large artificial blossom trees, how many young people have done something that can be sung and lamented. Jiang Qing pursed her lips and looked long away from the white Zhe's palms, which were not only thin, white and slender. It also contains an indescribable love.