Taigu Hongmeng

  • "Burning the sky!" After listening to the shouts outside, Kong Xuan's face changed and his eyes flashed, which made people wonder what he was thinking at the moment. Senior fellow apprentice Hearing the big one outside, six ears, yuan Hong and Pan Wang came through the air together. With a wave of his hand, not to speak, Kong Xuan said, "Six ears and yuan Hong will go with me to meet the legendary demon king. King Pan will stay behind to preside over the Aoki battle array. If we are defeated, we will be taken into the battle array." Pan Wang nodded to show that he understood. When Kong Xuan saw this, he was quite relieved. With a low voice, he took up his six ears and yuan Hong and went out of the big array of Aoki. Kong Xuan took six ears to the edge of the Aoki Array, but suddenly stopped. His eyes flashed and he said, "You two are lying in ambush here. If I am seen through, I will do it immediately." Say that finish, the whole person suddenly changed, unexpectedly turned into the day of the God Aoki's appearance, and the God Aoki's human type is generally the same. He swaggered out. Hum, who dares to shout in front of us? Kong Xuan changed the God Aoki out, the tone is not good, to the God Aoki's image played a seven points. The Great Burning Sky saw a man coming out of the Great Aoki Array, who was very similar to the legendary God Aoki. He put away his mind and said, "I am the leader of the Styx Sect, and I am sitting down to burn the sky. I don't know how much Aoki's predecessors offended me here.". Two days ago, a demon king of my clan disappeared here for no reason. The religious leader specially sent me to inquire about it. I wonder if my predecessors have ever seen it. While the big burning day was speaking, Kong Xuan looked at him carefully and saw that he was six feet tall, naked, and only surrounded by a few white silk strips. His skin was dark, as if it were made of fine iron. He had five hands, two on each side of his ribs, a trident,silk cherry blossom tree, a serrated knife, and a skeleton. Wolf tooth front, in the middle of the chest also grow a hand, pinch into a seal. Like a lotus flower. Strangely enough, the man's head was square, with a face in the north, south, east and west, and a face on the neck. Each with a different look. Kong Xuan snorted coldly and said, "We have naturally seen the black-robed man with his head hidden and tail exposed.". But we saw that he was very unhappy, so we killed him. Why,artificial plant wall panels, do you want revenge? "The younger generation dare not, but if the younger generation goes back like this, they will not be punished by the religious leader. If the older generation goes with me to explain, the younger generation will be grateful." Kong Xuanxin immediately frowned, but on the surface he was furious and said, "Well, you are a little baby. For the sake of the Master of Styx, I have good words for you. Could it be that when I am afraid of you, I should go to see Styx? It's more like you let him come in person.". Now you leave quickly, I will not embarrass you for the sake of the old ghost of Styx, or I will let you know the power of my God Aoki. He looked up to the sky and laughed and said, "Who are you? How dare you pretend to be the God Aoki? How dare you!" Kong Xuan was startled. He really didn't know what he was doing, but he sighed and returned to the appearance of Kong Xuan. What was it that I didn't look like that you saw through? The big burning day saw the God Aoki in front of him changed for a while, and turned into a young man's appearance. He asked himself, and could not help laughing, "You are stupid, you are really stupid.". What you play is really like, but you don't know that the elder of Shenqingmu and my leader are friends of Babai. How can they kill my Shura people, and they won't call the leader Styx. If I can't see such a big flaw, I'm not a fool. Cut the crap, I ask you, Faux cherry blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, why do you cloth green wood big array "Kong Xuan cold hum, but do not answer, he now has many magic weapons in his hands, confidence is unprecedentedly high, he thinks he is not necessarily weaker than the big burning day, now he is abused by the big burning day face to face, how to stand.". At that moment, he drew out a sword from his backhand and split it at the head of the big burning sky. The big burning day obviously did not expect Kong Xuan to start without saying hello, slightly stunned, but he is the Shura Demon King, the reaction is extraordinary, take the hand of the trident to meet. The other four hands, in addition to the middle of the hand pinched into a seal, three hands out, serrated knife, skeleton Zhang, wolf tooth edge, when the head hit Kong Xuan. Kong Xuan sneers, the hand does not stop, behind the divine light a movement, the red light a brush, the serrated knife is received, the black light a brush, the skeleton Zhang is received, the blue light a brushing, the wolf tooth edge is received. As soon as the light of the five colors is brushed, the treasures of the three realms disappear. The Great Burning Sky was not prepared, and it suffered a great loss at the moment. "Ding" Halberd and sword, touch a spark, Kong Xuan sword body shake, break away from the trident, split into thorns, when the chest toward the big burning day stab. The hand on the chest of the big burning sky changed slightly, and a black lotus appeared, silently dissolving the thorn of Kong Xuan. The hand holding the trident kept splitting directly at Kong Xuan. With a sneer and a flash of white light, Kong Xuan brushed off the trident again. Seeing Kong Xuan's divine light again, Da Fen Tian hurriedly took out a flag, on which the magic compass was coiled, baring its teeth and brandishing its claws. It was very frightening. It was the magic Shura flag. Da Fen Tian shook it in his hand, and countless black lotus appeared out of thin air. How did the divine light come down. Kong Xuan was stunned by this change, and when he saw the trident in front of him, he was not in a hurry to dodge, so he had to give a low cry and encourage his body to be seamless, and he was forced to take the blow of burning the sky. Bang! "Kong Xuan was split upside down and flew out. Although the blow of the big burning sky was blocked by the celestial clothes for 99%, even the remaining 0.1% made Kong Xuan churn inside, and a mouthful of blood spurted out when he opened his mouth. Wiping a trace of blood from the corners of his mouth, Kong Xuan knew that after all, his practice time was still short. Although he could rely on Lingbao to deal with the Great Burning Heaven, after all, the gap between his practice was too big. Kong Xuan explained that he was not a good man. After he figured it out, Kong Xuan did not pretend to be a hero any more. He shouted loudly, "You two, why don't you start?" The big burning day was preparing to pursue, but suddenly heard Kong Xuan's big oh, followed by two long roars, Aoki big array rushed out of two figures, respectively, from the left and right toward their own. With a cold hum, Da Fen Tian separated his two hands, took out a magic knife in one hand, drew out a magic gun in the other, and raised his hand to meet him. The trident of the other hand, however, remained castrated and split at Kong Xuan. Kong Xuan, however,artificial banyan trees, did not make a hard touch this time. When he raised his hand, the 18-pole Tianmo Banner was released. The roar shook, and the whole thing rushed toward the big burning sky. hacartificialtree.com