Application of activated carbon in electroplating wastewater

  • In industrial production, activated carbon electroplating is an indispensable link. With the rapid development of the electroplating industry, a lot of electroplating wastewater is causing more and more severe damage to the environment. The chromium-containing electroplating wastewater contains a lot of chromium (VI) and a small amount of metal cations and anions. granular activated carbon (gac) If it is discharged directly without treatment, it will cause severe water environmental pollution. For the treatment of chromium-containing wastewater, biological methods, ion exchange methods, chemical reduction methods, electrolysis methods, chemical precipitation methods, electrodialysis methods and adsorption methods are mainly used.


    Powdered activated carbon is used in various electroplating wastewater solutions to remove grease, various organic impurities and decomposition products of various additives. Choose suitable activated carbon products. There are two types of activated carbon on the market, granular and powder. It is more convenient to use granular activated carbon to filter, but the treatment effect is far less than that of powdered activated carbon. The reason is that the specific surface area of ​​powder is larger than that of granular.


    Activated carbon should not contain impurity ions harmful to the plating solution. Today, the materials used to make activated carbon are wood, coal, and hard-shelled nuts (such as coconut). It has always been proved that in the purification of plating solution, activated carbon made of hard nut shells is better than activated carbon made of coal. Inferior activated carbon often contains more zinc impurities and should not be used. If activated carbon containing zinc impurities is used in the purification of nickel plating solution, it will result in worse

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  • Hanks Hanks
    Hanks Hanks Activated carbon is a common adsorbent material used to treat electroplating wastewater. The porous structure of activated carbon provides a large surface area for adsorption, allowing it to effectively remove heavy metals, organic compounds, and other...  more
    March 28, 2023