What Is a Turnover Box

  •   The success of the shipment depends on the quality of the packaging. When it comes to shipping packaged products, crates become part of the process. Among different types of turnover boxes, choosing a suitable turnover box to transfer goods means saving costs and ensuring product safety.

      Plastic crate conveyors are purpose-built efficient conveyors that prioritize cleanliness and ease of maintenance. These modular conveyors can take any shape and easily adapt to the layout of your plant.


      Strengthen the structure and prolong the service life of components;

      Open structure design, easy to clean;

      Modular sections (drive, straight, curved, idler) and standardized components for easy maintenance and reduced spare parts;

      Flexibility to convey product in multiple orientations and positions (long side or short side leading, upright or upside down)

      Easy height adjustment and leveling by using the hinged feet;

      All components are suitable for wet or dusty conditions (sealed bearings, pillow blocks with covers).

      Advantages - lightweight, assembly line compatible, reusable, recyclable, cost-effective.

      Cons - Weight limit, not suitable for rough handling.

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