Characteristics Of Plastic Fruit Crates

  •   Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best-selling food types, but also the most sensitive. From the moment they are harvested on the farm until they end up at the customer's kitchen table, there is a gap of several days. During this time, fresh produce must be kept under specific conditions of temperature, humidity, and ventilation in order to remain edible and retain all of its nutritional properties. The team of packaging experts has a simple but effective recommendation for these products: the reusable plastic fruit crate.

      Going back further down the supply chain, we recommend the use of reusable plastic packaging throughout the supply chain, not just for fruit and vegetables to be shipped to stores. Much fresh produce is lost at the earliest moment—during harvest—because it is placed in inappropriate containers that crush, bruise, or otherwise damage them. All these products are not resold to the final customer but are sent to the cannery, at a lower price of course. In contrast, large pallet containers with smooth inner walls and, if necessary, ventilated sides offer optimum protection even for the most sensitive types of fresh fruit such as cherries or grapes. These large plastic containers can be safely stored in an atmosphere (temperature, humidity) controlled warehouse until the product is ready to be repackaged in smaller crates for shipment to stores.

      Packaged in a reusable plastic fruit crate, your produce will stay fresher for longer. Thus, you'll maximize your chances of selling all or as much of your fresh produce as possible.

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