•   All Cotton Fabric is the king of affordable textiles and the darling of fashion designers. It feels comfortable in all seasons, is easy to sew, and is widely available.

      What is cotton? It is a natural fiber collected from cotton plants. This is a miracle of nature because the fluff of raw cotton only appears around the seed and is a natural part of plant growth. In Europe, Australia, and the United States, cotton is harvested by machines, but in other developing countries it is still collected by hand. Cotton production involves a lot of manual labor.

      The main advantage of cotton fabrics is comfort. Depending on the weave and finish, cotton fabrics absorb moisture, feel soft and smooth to the touch, drape very well, and are easy to maintain. The durability of cotton fabrics depends on the length of the raw cotton filaments or staple fibers used to make the fabric: the longer the staple fibers, the stronger and more durable the fabric is.

      Cotton fabrics are more affordable than linen or silk, and comfortable cotton sheets and lovely comforters are in high demand. The price of cotton depends on where the fabric is woven and printed. Cotton is more expensive in Egypt, the US, and Europe. You can see and feel the difference in the quality of these fabrics. Basically, when it comes to cotton, you get what you pay for.

      Cotton is the easiest fabric to work with for a tailor. It doesn't slide or move during cutting like silk fabrics, it fits well with all stitch types on your sewing machine, and it's very sturdy if you need to pick up needles repeatedly.

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