You Must Know Considerations Of Roll Printing Machine


    1) Variable Printing Data: Variable Printing Data allows images and text used on labels to be customised and varied between prints, and even within the same print run. This digital printing innovation of roll printing machine is now also available to flexographic printers through upgrade modules and hybrid technology. The upshot of this is a greater degree of personalisation, which allows end clients to access shorter print runs at lower prices than previously. The result: a huge upsurge in demand of roll printing machine for flexible printing, which spurs technological development in a virtuous circle.

    2) Faster Speeds: digital and hybrid printers are faster than previous models – a lot faster. They can complete orders in a fraction of the time, and then move onto the next one. Partly this is because the printers themselves are quicker, and partly it’s due to reduced preparation time. With digital and hybrid printers you don’t have to mess about preparing plates before a print run, which reduces your setup time and also cuts the cost of printing.

    3) Capital Investment Cost & ROI: Investing in a printer is still a big capital decision. However, the absolute cost of printing technology has gone down over the last few years by a considerable margin. The real term, relative cost of printing equipment has also come down, with the cost of digital printing being less than it was and far greater returns to be had from flexible print jobs. Market demand is still as high as ever has been, if not more so, leading to higher profit margins being available. Businesses that invest in new kit now are liable to see a quicker and higher ROI than the last time they purchased new printing technology. There is no sign of this trend slowing down.

    4) Quality & Accuracy: Wastage in the printing process is enough to make any works manager groan. Inaccurate margins, ink spillages or other failures result in money being figuratively poured down the drain. Fortunately, digital and digital-enhanced technology is far more accurate. Print runs can be pre-programmed using CAD software and implemented at the flick of a button. Smart, servo driven print motors can detect errors and correct issues before they mount up. Greater accuracy is good for end clients as it means printers can handle far more complex and original label designs. It is good for label print businesses because it reduces waste and increases your profits. Overall quality is also improved. Just compare a modern product label with one from 25 years ago. You can see the difference in the variety and clarity of colour, the different fonts, images and layouts available today.

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