Try to Know Components of Syringe Production Line

  • syringe injection part --- syringe high speed closed-loop injection molding machine
    After a hard time researching and developing, Dakumar introduces a new type of high speed molding machine for Syringe Production Line. Compared to the previous one, it combines all the advantages of servo power save injection machine, CE standard injection machine and normal high-speed molding machine. More precision, more efficient, more power save and more safer during syringe manufacturing.

    syringe injection part ---syringe barrel moulds
    Ordinary, luer slip syringe barrel design will be offered. But as we know when using syringe, needle can be a dangerous part to us. Then how to find that which cannot hurt when it is used? Don't worry about that! We provide you with special luer lock design of syringe barrel, which can be efficiently protect needle when syring using.

    syringe injection part ---syringe plunger moulds
    As a medical equipment, syringe has strict quality requirement, especially it is only for one single use. How to ensure its one-time using? Dakumar offers you specialized syringe plunger design to ensure that second using of syringe will never happen. And we've manufactured many successfully self-destruct syringe moulds for our customers.

    syringe injection part ---syringe gasket moulds
    Instead of rubber, medical grade TPE or PVC plastic material used to produce syringe gasket parts. Stavax S420 made in Sweden Assab Co. is used, guarantee minimum 5 million strokes mould life.

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