Know Advantages of Syringe Pad Printing Machine


    The main advantage of Syringe Pad Printing Machine lies in the ability to use the silicone pad. Since silicone can easily adapt to irregularly shaped surfaces, pad printing can be done on almost any kind of object. Whereas other conventional printing methods (like silk screening) are limited to printing on flat or evenly rounded surfaces, pad printing can efficiently transfer images on complex geometries too. Silicone pads take the shape of the parts and can hence transfer the images on the desired surfaces.

    Printing on all surfaces
    From printing on three-dimensional plastic parts to embossed or etched surfaces or even golf balls, pad printing can be used for a wide variety of applications.

    The process makes use of height compensators for ink cups to print at different levels in one printing run.

    The versatility that pad printing offers in comparison to traditional methods like silk screening and hot stamping due to the ability to print on a vast variety of substrates like glass, metal, ceramics, silicones, pharmaceutical products and pills, foods, plastic, etc. The use of different types of inks makes it possible to print on difficult surfaces that need high resistance against chemicals.

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