This guide is missing on the road to becoming Shadowlands celeb

  • Do you know how to increase the reputation of World of Warcraft in Shadowlands? After reaching the new maximum level of 60, players will choose the World of Warcraft Covenant. You may notice that Renown and its various systems play an important role in what you can achieve.
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    But really know what it is, how to improve the reputation level of World of Warcraft through the convention? Prestige is basically your prestige level in the selected Convention. Prestige is measured by rank, so the WOW Classic Gold higher your prestige rank, the more choices you can get through the Convention.

    After choosing the covenant, players will get many tasks to introduce you to various systems, such as Soulbinds and covenant upgrades. You only need to complete all the introductory tasks provided by the "Covenant" to reach "Fame Level 2."

    So how do you gain prestige in World of Warcraft? You can do three different activities in Shadowlands to increase your reputation:

        Covenant Campaign Chapter: Each chapter will grant you a reputation level. After reaching level 60 and joining the chosen covenant, you can complete the first two chapters. The rest are locked behind higher prestige levels, so if you want to gain enough prestige to unlock other chapters of the covenant campaign, you need to check other events.
        Replenishment reservoir (a task once a week): This task should be done weekly (after reset) and requires you to collect 1000 lives and store them in the temple. You can collect World of Warcraft through world missions and killing rare enemies throughout the shadow land.
        Return of Souls (one-week mission): This is another mission that will be performed every week after reset. It will send you to the Maw to release lost souls and return them to your sanctuary. The mission does not seem to be available yet, but you should be able to claim it after the reset on December 1.

    Please note that your reputation level has a weekly cap that will increase every week, similar to how the anti-corruption cap in "Battle for Azeroth" works.

    And tell you what Renown is for. Soulbinds is one of the important reasons to maximize your "Convention" reputation level. First, you can only unlock the first two rows of the initial Soulbind tree, but as you gain more prestige, more rows will become available. In addition to Soulbinds, other "Covenant Campaign" chapters will be unlocked, allowing you to access companions, buffs and appearances. If you want to see the rewards for each prestige level, you can check the prestige interface found in the temple.

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