How to get Shadowlands Anima

  • The Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft is here, and there are already top-level characters scrambling to collect a new currency called Anima.

    In this new expansion with the theme of this world, Shadowlands Anima is the essence of the soul. Anima is a valuable resource that can be used to upgrade your sanctuary, which is your expansion base. When reaching the highest level, players have four WoW alliances or factions to choose from. Each has its own temple, and your Anima is dedicated to building its powerful functions and convenience. By the way, the choice of covenant will affect the plot of your next game.
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    One of the greatest sources of life is the world missions all over the Shadowlands area. If you follow this World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide, you will complete side missions and unlock the WOW Classic Gold largest number of world mission areas. Many of these rewards are that Anima.Shadowlands works in a similar way to previous extensions. Open them and you will usually receive one or several items, such as supplies, armor, trash that sells large amounts of gold, pets or toys, and some currency. In Shadowlands, the currency is Anima. Rare monsters throughout Shadowlands have dropped Anima, as well as toys, pets, mounts, and armor upgrades. Please note that the rare loot table is not specification specific. Even if you get armor from rare items, it may not be available. But they almost always drop various amounts of Anima, and this style will never go out of style.

    The dungeon leader put down Anima tokens. But the size and number depend on the difficulty and random chance. At this time, most dungeons cannot be sent endlessly with spam. If you don’t use the random dungeon finder, you can complete the hero dungeon once a day, while the Mythic 0 difficulty dungeon can be completed once a week. Therefore, this will not be a huge source of Anima until the Mythic Plus difficulty dungeon is opened. In December, each covenant has weekly missions that can provide higher-level rewards, including life. You will get these quests directly in the temple, and they will take you to other areas to complete world quests or dungeons. Completing these tasks will receive more important Anima rewards.

    You should store Anima often because it will take up space like an item in a bag until you do. The NPC in the Sanctuary of the Covenant has an interface that contains a round blob that will slowly fill Anima when you place it. To get there, use the dialog option "Show My Sanctuary". Just below the Blob is a Deposit Anima button. One click will exhaust all Anima items and take them out of your bag, put them in the container, and prepare to use Anima through the same UI.

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