Animal Crossing players are eager to sit down with their villag

  • One of the best things about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the villagers themselves. Players spent hours inviting the perfect animal lineup into their island, curating a guest list defined by cuteness, personality and decoration, and of course, sometimes with real money. In New Horizons, the relationship between players and villagers is always many, whether it is visiting them in their homes or giving them gifts. But what about those who just want to relax with the villagers? Nintendo will let us sit down soon.

    New Horizons players hope to hang out with the Animal Crossing Bells villagers. Did you know that it was a great experience. Just sitting on the beach with Pietro. Enjoy the sound of the river with Raymond. And stare into nothingness with Coco. In fact, people have been asking for this since the release of New Horizons. Of course, you can put a cushion on the ground and sit with the villagers. But the question is, why can't we sit directly on the ground?

    Now, since the November 19 update has been provided to New Horizons for free, that is, after today’s update, you can sit down with the villagers. Sitting will become one of the few new reactions in the game. Its function is exactly the same as stated on the tin can: it allows you to sit down without a cushion. The Turkish Festival and Toy Festival have also been updated, but players are more excited about these little things: new texture hair options and sitting response.

    In addition to the new Sit Down animation, Nintendo has also added other ways to participate in villagers' activities, including yoga and sports. Now you can join your villagers in their morning sweat session in the square. But sitting down really excites people. The diversity of activities allows players to feel more different experiences, freshness and joy.

    The update will be officially launched today on November 19th, but due to different time zones, North American players downloaded this update on November 18th yesterday. I am very happy to be back at New Horizons, just sitting with my villagers, they will definitely be ashamed of my absence. I am glad that I just have to wait until tomorrow because I have been standing.

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