Eve Echoes' development team NetEase introduces Eve IP to mobil

  • Eve Echoes is a mobile space MMORPG launched. This game is expanded on its PC predecessor Eve Online. Its game developed by NetEase Games has passed the public testing stage and has been released in August 2020. After the release, it attracted widespread attention. Both new players and old players said that the game is still playable. Although there will be some flaws when it is released, the development team is also doing its best to update insufficient. The number of users now exceeds one million.

    The challenge of porting beloved IP to mobile devices on Eve Echoes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, everything was affected, so the game originally planned for 2019 was postponed to August. They did spend some time working at home and working in the office for three months.

    And the people on the development team are also big fans of Eve Online. About three thousand hours of playing. In fact, I have been playing Eve Online for 15 years. Eve Online is a very complex game with a lot of content. Even after playing the championship title for 15 years. But they still have the confidence to make changes to Eve Echoes to make it more popular.

    There are three different methods for referencing Eve Online to mobile devices. As part of the first approach, they migrated content directly to mobile devices and only adjusted some controls on the UI side. If the content is too large or complex for mobile devices, they will try to reduce or reorganize it. This is the second method. For example, the gameplay of planetary interactive games is greatly simplified. In this respect, Eve Echoes is different from Eve Online. The third method is that they have completely remade and redesigned some elements of Eve Online, but tried to retain the core concept of the original content.

    In the Chinese market, NetEase already has experience in transferring hardcore MMO RPGs to mobile platforms. Therefore, this is the primary reason they are willing to continue Eve Online. The second reason is that they also want to challenge themselves to break through the boundaries of the mobile market and launch a sandbox 3D title with a hard core and a complex economic system.
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    Eve Online is known for its steep entry barriers. Even according to PC standards. Many players prefer to read about political conspiracies and confrontations in the game rather than play them by themselves. This is a very common situation in many games, not just Eve Online, people are more willing to watch rather than play by themselves.

    In any case, this type of story, including intrigue, alliances and opposition, belongs to the player. They create them. We don’t want to restrict or otherwise change this section. We only provide players with a sandbox environment, and provide them with tools to Buy EVE Echoes ISK create their own stories and tell them to others. It all depends on the player.

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